Direct-to-Consumer Brands’ and Global Tech Firms’ Investment in TV Advertising
Across the Industry

As TV investments surpass pre-pandemic levels around the world, newly released international figures from The Global TV Group showcase how both direct-to-consumer brands and online tech giants are increasingly embracing TV to drive growth. The Global TV Group has released a new update of their Global TV Deck - showcasing how direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands around the world embrace TV. The release includes research from VAB, Effectv, Screenforce, Thinkbox, Ebiquity and Gain Theory and more from 15 markets across the globe.    

A few key findings:

  • Digital-native, direct-to-consumer brands invested nearly $5 billion in U.S TV advertising during 2020, more than double what the category spent only four years ago
  • FAAAM (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet/Google and Microsoft), recognizes TV as a valuable means of driving growth - ranked as the #1 TV spender in the U.S.
  • Successful DTC bands build themselves around the needs of the modern consumer- adhering to a core set of principles with data science as a core competency   
 This research is indispensable for marketers seeking to make the most informed decisions regarding their advertising investments – illustrating how TV drives business success and provides them with the best leverage for their marketing activities.   “In their DNA, DTC brands and major technology companies are data-driven and laser-focused on what will drive outcomes. It’s no surprise then that they are some of the biggest TV spenders globally as their investment continually enables them to meet and exceed full-funnel business KPIs.” - Sean Cunningham, President & CEO of VAB and President of The Global TV Group

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