Greater Transparency Will Bring More Spend To CTV/OTT
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Greater Transparency Will Bring More Spend To CTV/OTT

Buyers Want Transparency, Will CTV Publishers Deliver?

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Demand is soaring for quality CTV programming and advertisers and publishers both stand to benefit. What’s needed to take programmatic streaming revenues to the next level? Data-driven transparency that gives buyers the confidence they can reach the audiences they desire, across content and screens. New research from PubMatic and Advertiser Perceptions highlights the opportunity that transparency brings to both advertisers and publishers on CTV media inventory.

  • 62% of US brands and 82% of UK brands agree that they would increase their spend with partners that provide data such as Content Object signals. 
  • Most advertisers are willing to pay a premium for the transparency that Content Object signals afford them, including 57% in the US and 64% in the UK. 

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