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interview -VAB CEO Sean Cunningham on Adexchanger talks

Interview with AdExchanger Talks

In this week's episode of AdExchanger Talks, Sean sits down with host Alison Schiff to chat through the past few months when reviewing the impact of COVID-19 on TV measurement companies. 

Last year, the VAB released a review of Nielsen’s reporting, which claimed Nielsen had undercounted TV viewership for the month of February 2021 – smack dab in the middle of the pandemic – by up to 6%. “We came out with airtight proof that the panel was broken,” Cunningham says, noting that, although Nielsen’s panel membership had been shrinking for some time without being replaced, Nielsen didn’t disclose that information to broadcasters and advertisers without the extra push.

Also in this episode: Upfront-related predictions, the rapid rise of alternative measurement providers, why CTV measurement is still so messed up and how Cunningham spends most of his weekends (which involves an unlikely combination of ice hockey and musical theater).

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