Pride TV Summit 2021 With Sean Cunningham
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Pride Tv summit 2021

A Researcher's Study: Four Brand Case Studies in the LGBTQ+ Market Video Advertising Bureau’s CEO Sean Cunningham discusses how leading brands like Zola, Bonobos, Sam Adams and Tylenol are reaching LGBTQ+ consumers. Hear specifics about 4 different campaigns.

About Pride TV Summit

The Pride TV Summit program puts the spotlight on relevant LGBTQ+ issues and challenges in the TV and streaming industry. Bold and candid discussions will inspire and provide insights into how the industry is creating stronger and more meaningful representation. How television’s LGBTQ+ characters and storylines have evolved The growing acceptance of LGBTQ+ characters and storylines Importance and impact of representation The impact that LGBTQ+ staffing is having within the ranks of today’s business of television media Research insights on where we are today.

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