Sean Cunningham at Cynopsis Big TV Conference
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2023 Cynopsis Big TV Conference

SEPTEMBER 27 - 28, 2023 | Edison ballroom, nyc


Why Demanding Transparency from the Walled Gardens Can’t Wait

Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of the VAB, never disappoints. During a short and sweet presentation, he explained how the walled gardens are the new apex shot callers in the advertising arena. As we all know, this hasn't been an easy adjustment.

He emphasized three main themes: 

  •  What was the scale and scope of this breach? 
  • If ads did not run as the TrueView placements advertisers paid premiums for, then where did they run? 
  • What was the role of 3rd party verification? How could a breach of this scale be possible?
"When discussing building the best measurement tool, marketers need to know the origin of impressions. With walled gardens, there is not as much transparency as there once was. Things are more opaque," said Cunningham.


Sean Cunningham

President and CEO


Finding a Cross-Platform Measurement Fit

In the words of Andrea Zapata, EVP and head of ad sales research, measurement and insights at Warner Bros. Discovery, the way God intended for us to watch TV was on our big TV screens, but now we consume it on various devices. Moderator Sean Cunningham, President and CEO of the VAB, led an engaging discussion where both executives outlined their measurement solutions.

"From the start at Warner Bros. Discovery, we were very clear that there are two different ways that you can activate against linear television," Zapata explained. "One is using more data-driven tactics, and the other is how you measure it or, ultimately, how you transact against it." 

The research has shown this trend where content is being captured everywhere. "My sons are on the iPad more than the big TV,” noted Jason Swartz, VP, advanced advertising, New Business, and National Sales at New York Interconnect. "We need better transparency for streaming," Swartz continued, "so we are pushing way ahead of others to get reporting at the network level to understand how to place programmatic streaming programs in a specific space to find the audience."


Sean Cunningham

President and CEO


Travis Scoles

SVP, Advanced Advertising


Andrea Zapata

EVP, Head of Ad Sales Research, Measurement, & Insights


Jason Swartz

VP, Advanced Advertising, New Business, & National Sales


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