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VAB Leading Conversations

StreamTV Growth Summit 2024

VAB's Reed Kiely talks with industry experts all about the rise of FAST channels.

February 20, 2024


The Unstopabble Rise of FAST Channels

Amidst the growing popularity of FAST channels, industry leaders will examine the opportunities FAST provides for consumers, content providers, and advertisers. What is the impact of FAST on the future of digital media? What is the potential of niche FAST channels? How can advertisers benefit from the FAST opportunity? What speed bumps can be expected when developing a FAST channel strategy? Reed Kiely, Director of Data Insights & Trends at VAB moderated a panel with industry leaders on the ride of FAST channels.


Reed Kiely

Director, Data Insights & Trends


Jonathon Barbado



Jonas Blank

SVP, Business & Legal Affairs


Evan Bregman

General Manager, Streaming


Patrick Courtney

Head of Streaming & Business Development


Chaitanya Kamisetty

Engineering Lead, Google TV

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