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Through Upfront season, marketers are making important decisions about their video investment strategy. As you decide how to develop the strongest campaigns in the increasingly complex world of video advertising, many marketers, like yourselves, have questions. To help support you, we have curated a list of resources filled with the data, analysis and insights needed to make informed investment decisions.

Below you'll find a collection of VAB Insights and webinars full of data and analysis. To access the Insights content, simply sign into your VAB account. No log-in? No problem! Create an account for quick and immediate access. You can also forward this resource guide to your team.

What is Convergent TV and how might it impact how I plan, buy and measure my multiscreen TV campaigns?

The Growth of CTV Advertising

Learn how marketers are integrating audience-based buying strategies within CTV campaigns to drive greater brand awareness and positive business outcomes.

Reaching ‘Corded’ and ‘Cordless’ Audiences Through Video Streaming

Learn why a streaming component will deliver incremental reach and sharpen your campaigns by understanding how streaming behavior varies by ‘cord status.’

Watch TVSquared Chief Strategic Officer Bob Ivins and VAB SVP, Director of Strategic Insights Jason Wiese on how advertisers are adapting converged TV strategies to reach and engage with their total TV audience.

Watch Now! To help understand the trends shaping the growth of convergent TV, as well as the opportunities with it, we have created VAB Convergent TV Week. We brought you complimentary insights content, webinars and other resources to help you plan, buy, and measure successfully in a converged TV world.

What are the current demographic trends and how can I develop inclusive media strategies to engage with growing, lucrative and diverse audiences?

VAB Multicultural Marketing Resource Center

You'll find the resources to be more inclusive and connect authentically through relevant video content and advertising that conveys relatable stories to gain the trust of the highly influential multicultural segments.

VAB IMPACT Diversity Leadership Summit

Conversations to help you think differently about creating a more inclusive mindset at the workplace, in the industry and beyond. Learn about topics such as business benefits of inclusive marketing campaigns, advancing cultural journeys, leading by example, authenticity, and transformation.

How should I think about targeting? Should I evolve my targeting approach from one that’s demographic based to audience-based?

The evolution from a demographic-based TV buying approach to an audience-based one can unlock billions in revenue for brands. So whether audience-buying is a core part of your strategy, you’re “testing and learning,” or if you haven’t yet bought this way, visit our Audience-Based Buying Insights Center to find the data, insights, key takeaways and real-world examples to help you execute your buys confidently and successfully.

How should I think about measuring my campaigns? Are there new methodologies I should consider?

Today's Innovations in Measurement Q1

In part one of our VAB Measurement Innovations Series, you'll see how brands used TV measurement solutions to achieve business KPIs along with 13 case studies across 10 product categories.

Untangling Common Measurement Terminology

A comprehensive 8-page glossary of frequently used terms to help you navigate the ever-growing video measurement marketplace

How do I know my TV campaign will help deliver on my business outcomes? How have brands used multiscreen TV to drive full-funnel KPIs?

Stream On

Many marketers want to better understand how a streaming component will help deliver on their business KPIs. To show the impact of including streaming in your marketing campaigns, we have collected 23 case studies across 15 different product categories.

The Secret of My Success

Direct-to-Consumer brands are disrupting categories and their innovative marketing approach is making them among the fastest growing brands around. See how the marketing strategy of these brands is driving their business through analysis and case studies of 30 of the fastest-growing brands across over 20 categories.

See how brands are adopting an audience-first mindset to grow their business through 23 case studies across 16 different product categories with a variety of brand challenges and KPIs. You’ll also learn the 8 successful buying strategies common to these brands.

What does the competitive landscape look like? What are the fastest growing brands and categories? Which new competitors have entered the marketplace that my brand should be aware of?

Welcome to TV - Full Year 2021

See which categories and brands are growing the fastest and take a look at the 16 consumer behaviors influencing the rise of these brands and categories. You’ll also find a complete list of the 315 new national TV advertisers that entered the market in 2021

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