VAB Announces New Measurement Innovation Task Force
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VAB Announces New Measurement Innovation Task Force

Accelerating Innovation in Media Measurement and Currency

As demonstrated over the last several months, VAB is wholly committed to advocating for the accurate and transparent measurement that is so critical for both marketers and publishers. As such, we have just announced a new Measurement Innovation Task Force, bringing together the top strategic minds in research, analytics and insights to accelerate the pace of overdue innovation in media measurement and currency.     

We are confident that this group will get the tough work ahead of us done collaboratively and definitively. This confidence comes VAB’s track record for achieving several urgent and unprecedented “firsts” in less than six months - all in a high stakes/high visibility live market arena.     

Given the degree of advancement and transformation our industry seeks in both the current and future states of measurement/currency, we will certainly need to be both very active and very focused on the critical wins at the critical times – We are greatly looking forward to it all.

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