What Types of Content Are Diverse Audiences More Likely to Stream?
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What Types of Content Are Diverse Audiences More Likely to Stream?

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Data to help develop inclusive marketing campaigns

We champion marketers who create inclusive plans reflective of our rich diversity, unique cultural nuances and behaviors.

In efforts to help marketers develop these plans, we are proud to launch a full-year monthly series tackling the most frequently asked questions on multicultural marketing.

Each month, we’ll answer a question using fact-based insights that you can apply to your own marketing strategies.

This month’s release answers the question: What types of content are diverse audiences more likely to stream?”

With so many content choices to include in their streaming ad campaigns, marketers often ask how they should prioritize programming based on what's most relevant to their target audiences. This is particularly true when developing culturally inclusive marketing plans. For five audience groups, including Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and LGBTQ, this quick insights piece will highlight the streaming content they are more likely to watch as compared to other audiences.

This short read will unlock insights that will allow your brand to build better relationships with its consumers and strengthen the effectiveness of your streaming campaigns.

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