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VAB will always embrace equality and support efforts of diversity and inclusion. We are also committed to helping marketers create strategies and campaigns that engage multicultural audiences.

This Resource Center was created to help marketers develop inclusive marketing strategies. The guides, reports, videos and infographics below offer education on the unique media consumption behaviors of Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous American and LGBTQ+ consumers and provide marketers with tangible, actionable insights. As we escalate our commitment to increased inclusivity, this Resource Center will be continuously updated.

VAB Multicultural Marketing Analyses

VAB Multicultural Marketing References 

  • VAB IMPACT Diversity Leadership Summit We feature 30 industry professionals offering fresh perspectives and their personal experiences, inspiring how marketers could re-think their decision-making around diversity, inclusion and belonging in their lives, in our industry and communities. We focus on actionable takeaways around topics such as: unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, cultural relevancy in advertising, inclusive marketing, equity and belonging in the workplace and more.
  • Audience Migration: Leveraging Population Shifts To Unlock $4 Trillion In Buying Power An exploration on how traditional buying demographics have not kept up with shifting population trends and the aging of America, the upside for marketers who embrace the purchasing power and buying habits of adults 55+.
  • #Alone Together: Culture in the Time of COVID-19 In this custom analysis, we take the cultural pulse of the country to see what people are most talking about on Twitter. You'll learn how marketers can find and build connections to committed, engaged and attentive viewers. Learn more about how multicultural audiences in particular were highly engaged. 
  • As Time Goes By: How Media Consumption Is Helping America Cope We dig into how the pandemic is impacting consumers and media behavior and explore opportunities around increased adoption of new technologies, devices and platforms. This custom analysis includes all demos across gender, race and ethnicity and will provide you with actionable insights to strengthen your brand. 
  • The Best Seats in the House: A Custom Study Exploring Sports Fans’ Viewing Preferences  We conducted a custom research study of over 1,000 sports fans, ranging from casual to avid with additional analysis across age, gender, and ethnicity. Did you know multicultural sports fans are heavier sports TV viewers – 60% of Black fans and 58% Of Hispanic fans watch live sports at least every other day.

  • Left To Your Own Devices: January 2021 A comprehensive overview on the evolution of device usage across age demographics and ethnicities with an emphasis on the growth of TV-connected devices and changing consumption habits across video platforms.

We are proud to work with our peers in the industry to bring change. 

If you are looking for specific multicultural focused agencies, our multicultural marketing agency directory will help you identify those agencies by discipline and location.

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