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VAB Monthly Series Answering the Most Frequently Asked Questions on Multicultural Marketing

12 Months of Multicultural Marketing Insights - We champion marketers who create inclusive plans reflective of our rich diversity, unique cultural nuances and behaviors. In efforts to help marketers develop these plans, we are proud to launch a share this series tackling the most frequently asked questions on multicultural marketing. Each release below answers a question using fact-based insights that you can apply to your own marketing strategies.

 Monthly Insights Series

Marketer FAQs


What Types of Content Are Diverse Audiences More Likely to Stream?

With so many content choices to include in their streaming ad campaigns, marketers often ask how they should prioritize programming based on what's most relevant to their target audiences. This is particularly true when developing culturally inclusive marketing plans.

For five audience groups, including Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and LGBTQ, this quick insights piece will highlight the streaming content they are more likely to watch as compared to other audiences.


How does on-screen representation deepen engagement with Black consumers and drive business impact for brands?

As American society evolves and the population becomes more diverse, there is a greater demand for accurate, on-screen representation and inclusivity in both programming and advertising, particularly within the Black community.


This short read will unlock insights that will allow you to drive awareness, strengthen engagement and boost positive business outcomes among Black Americans.


How Can My Brand Leverage the Strength of the Rising Latina Consumer Through Video?

Given that 1 in 5 women in the U.S. is Hispanic, there’s a large opportunity for marketers to grow their brand by targeting this audience. Furthermore, Latina Americans are established influencers and household decision makers, and their buying power has grown +38% in recent years.

In this release, we explore how to authentically connect with this loyal audience through relevant video content and relatable advertising.


How can I best use video to connect with influential Asian American consumers?

Last November, we highlighted the growth, buying power and rising influence of Asian-Americans. They are the fastest growing segment, with higher education and income levels than the average adult and are leading tastemakers in technology and culture. Now, we’re answering the next logical question when thinking about this lucrative audience – how can I best use video to engage with them?

This short read will share the video viewing habits, programming preferences and advertising expectations of Asian Americans.


What is the market opportunity ​ for the LGBTQ+ community?​

Marketers may find the LGBTQ+ community challenging to understand as research for this self-identifying group can be limited and sometimes age-biased (older generations tend to under-identify). However, understanding this segment is important for marketers who are creating inclusive plans that truly reflect the consumer spectrum.

This short piece provides marketers with the latest demographics and buying styles of the LGBTQ+ community, giving you a deeper understanding of them as consumers and the opportunity to better engage them.


What does authentic representation mean to diverse audiences?

Representation of diverse audiences is a top priority for marketers, and the key to positive engagement with these consumers is always authenticity.

This piece will share quotes and experiences directly from Black, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous American and LGBTQ+ audiences so you can better understand how these audiences define ‘representation’ and why accurate portrayals of all identities is so important in programming and advertising.


The business & branding benefits of inclusive marketing campaigns

Watch this inspiring session with Sean Cunningham, President & CEO, VAB as he talks with Albert Thompson, Managing Director, Digital, Walton Isaacson, Roberto Ruiz, EVP, Research, Insights and Analytics, Univision and Zulema Baez, VP Strategic Accounts & Political Sales, Adsmovil on how marketers can truly embrace this inclusivity with inspirational success strategies, data & insights, and proof that inclusive marketing impacts their bottom line.

This session will provide lessons from brands and marketing campaigns that are successfully embracing inclusivity in their communications. Learn how to apply to apply these strategies to your plans and correlate inclusion to business outcomes.


What does authentic representation mean to diverse audiences?

Watch this powerful session with Nancy Diaz, Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at AIMM, Renetta McCann, Chief Inclusion Experience Officer at Publicis Groupe, Nicole Hughey, Chief Diversity Officer at Sirius-XM + Pandora, Angela Guy, Chief Diversity Officer at L’Oréal.

As a bonus, they’ll start with the fundamentals and define diversity vs. inclusion, equity vs. equality and share their thoughts on intersectionality. Understanding the value, issues, and fundamentals of diversity and inclusion as the first steps to addressing systematic inequities are critical.


How can being more authentic and culturally relevant in my advertising strategy lead to incremental impact?

Watch this session with Gabrielle Amtmann, Director of Operations- Marketing Transformation, The Clorox Company Christine Avallone, Lead, Brand and Communication Insights, Verizon Clary Leffel, Director of Integrated Marketing Strategy & Operations, CarMax Carlos Santiago, Co-Founder & CEO, AIMM.

These leaders will share 5 impactful ways to to increase authenticity and cultural relevancy.


How Will Engaging Hispanic  Shoppers Help Me Win the Holiday Season?

One group in particular holds the key to a lucrative holiday season: Hispanic shoppers.

Sharpen your Q4 holiday campaign or prospecting strategies with these insights on Hispanic holiday shoppers. You’ll see:

  • The 6 reasons why they will be driving growth this holiday season
  • Guidance on how to authentically engage with these consumers
  • Real video campaign examples of how brands engaged Hispanic shoppers during the holidays


7 Ways for Brands to Successfully Engage Diverse Audiences

Marketers know that being authentically inclusive in campaigns and communications is critical. What many struggle with is how best to engage audiences across a variety of ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds.

In this quick read, we share the 7 ways brands can effectively engage diverse audiences, supported by key stats and insights. Set yourself up for success in 2023 by incorporating these strategies into your marketing plans.


6 Strategies for Developing Inclusive Campaigns That Drive Outcomes

Inclusive messaging is the key to resonating with consumers across a variety of cultures, backgrounds and points of view. Furthermore, this engagement can translate to outcomes for brands, delivering a range of brand KPIs. 

In this final piece of our year-long series on multicultural marketing, we share 6 strategies for developing inclusive campaigns that drive outcomes. You’ll learn how inclusive messaging can often reverberate across a wider audience of allies and advocates and lead to positive brand sentiment and outcomes.

We are dedicated to helping marketers stay informed on how best to engage multicultural audiences. For more data & insights to further educate you on building relationships with diverse audiences, visit our Multicultural Marketing Resource Center

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