Understanding the LGBTQ+  community
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Understanding the LGBTQ+ community

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Latest data and trends on the growing, diverse LGBTQ+ audience.

We champion marketers who create inclusive plans reflective of our rich diversity, unique cultural nuances, and behaviors.

We are always looking to share ways marketers can better engage with LGBTQ+ audiences. This release answers the question: “What is the market opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community?”

Marketers may find the LGBTQ+ community challenging to understand as research for this self-identifying group can be limited and sometimes age-biased (older generations tend to under-identify). However, understanding this segment is important for marketers who are creating inclusive plans that truly reflect the consumer spectrum.

This short piece provides marketers with the latest demographics and buying styles of the LGBTQ+ community, giving you a deeper understanding of them as consumers and the opportunity to engage them better. 

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