Left To Your Own Devices-Q4 '19
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Left To Your Own Devices-Q4 '19

Understanding Consumption in Today’s Connected World

In the Q4’ 2019 edition of Left To Your Own Devices, we share updated data on average media consumption, the need for marketers to build a holistic video plan and how esports has been ‘filling the competition’ void as the only game in town.

 As we know, media consumption over the past few months has skyrocketed as people turn to premium video to keep them informed and entertained during the pandemic.

We have some unique and exciting updates to our quarterly analysis with recently released Q4 2019 data and continue to bring you Left to Your Own Devices, helping marketers stay up-to-date with consumption habits and device usage across major demographics.

In this latest analysis, you’ll learn:

  • How esports has been filling the ‘competition’ void left by the absence of traditional, live sports during COVID-19.
    • Global esports fandom has grown to half a billion fans and is projected to gain 150 million more by 2023 with global revenues of $1.6 billion.
      • And during the pandemic, viewership of esports surged 700% in April vs. last year.

  • How the strong use of devices means abundant opportunities for marketers to reach and engage viewers through different touchpoints with their campaigns cross-screen.
    • Adults now spend over 12 hours with media each day with live TV accounting for two-thirds of total video viewing.

  • How ad-supported brands offer marketers some of the most popular, premium ‘brand safe’ content within major genre, delivering cross-screen presence & reach.
    • 40% more adults 18-34 are watching ad-supported TV content than are on YouTube in any given minute

To learn more about media consumption in today’s connected world, download the full quarterly report below.

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Global Esports Fans in Millions

Left To Your Own Devices-Q4 '19

Left To Your Own Devices-Q4 '19

Understanding Consumption in Today’s Connected World

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