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Left To Your Own Devices-Q1 '19: Understanding Consumption in Today’s Connected World

In the Q1 '19 edition of Left to Your Own Devices, we explore the media consumption habits of major demographic segments and take a deeper look at how consumers are discovering video content in this era of ‘Peak TV.’

This current report is based upon the latest available data, from Q1 2019.

Consumers are living in a video world – it accounted for over 50% of the 11 ½ hours that people spent with media per day in Q1 ‘19 - but it’s important to note that Television reigns as the leader with “live TV” representing over two-thirds of total video viewing.  This quarter also marked the first time that more Millennials were engaged with a TV-connected device than radio during any given minute.

Although overall time spent with TV (the device) has decreased, as video viewing grows on alternative devices such as smartphones and connected devices, ad-supported multiscreen TV brands are well-positioned to capture audiences across all demos and across any screen:

  • Ad-Supported TV-branded digital platform collectively increased their unique mobile reach to over 200 million adults in Q1 2019
  • In any given minute…there are 7x more Adults 18+ watching multiscreen TV brands than are on YouTube and there are 5x more Millennials watching multiscreen TV brands than are on Facebook

In terms of video content discovery, over half of adults are always looking for new TV shows to watch but when streaming service users don’t know what they want to view, they’re more likely to turn to TV first to find something before subscription services.

  • 58% of streaming Adults 18+ frequently tune into their favorite TV channel when they want to watch something but don’t know exactly what vs. 33% who browse the menus on their subscription services
    • The same holds true for streaming Millennials although the gap is closer at 52% vs. 45%, respectively

And when it comes to the Cinema, movies truly are popular with audiences year-round as seven films grossed over $100 million domestically within Q1 for a collective box office total of $1.2 billion among just those titles.

When Streamers Don’t Know What To Watch They’re More Likely To Turn To TV First Before Searching Subscription Services
Cinema Has A Much Higher Composition Of Millennials Than Other Digital-Based Platforms Like TV-Connected Devices & Smartphones
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