What is Convergent TV and why is it happening?
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What is Convergent TV and why is it happening?

Part of our 4-part Convergent TV Marketer FAQ Series

Insights series to help you plan, buy, and measure campaigns in a Converged TV world.

To kick off VAB Convergent TV Week we shared 4 original Marketer FAQ Insights releases, each answering a common question that marketers have when developing Convergent TV campaigns.

In this piece, we answer the question “What is Convergent TV and why is it happening?”

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What is Convergent TV? Over the last few years, the definition of “television” has blurred, with viewers seamlessly viewing linear TV and streaming programming across a growing number of platforms. 

Why does this matter? For marketers trying to amass scale and capture viewer engagement in a fragmented landscape, this new converged reality holds great opportunity. It also impacts, of course, how campaigns are sold and measured.

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