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Conversations, Insights and Inspiration on Convergent TV

Over the last few years, the definition of “television” has blurred, with viewers seamlessly viewing linear TV and streaming programming across a growing number of platforms. For marketers trying to amass scale and capture viewer engagement in a fragmented landscape, this new converged reality holds great opportunity. 

To help understand the trends shaping the growth of convergent TV, as well as the opportunities with it, we have created VAB Convergent TV Week. We brought you complimentary insights content, webinars and other resources to help you plan, buy, and measure successfully in a converged TV world.

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monday, may 23 | 2:00-2:30pm ET


WEBINAR: Opportunities for Marketers in Convergent TV 

In this session, the authors of VAB’s new 4-part series on Convergent TV will share highlights from their analysis. In this session they will answer the questions marketers most often ask on how to effectively plan and buy in a convergent TV landscape: 

  • What is Convergent TV and why is it happening? 
  • How might customized, targeted ads help me create stronger campaign engagement? 
  • How can streaming deliver incremental audiences in convergent TV? 
  • How can a convergent TV advertising strategy drive business results for brands?

TUESDAY, may 24 | 2:00-2:30pm ET


WEBINAR: The Balancing Act: Reach and Frequency in a Convergent TV World

Traditional TV and Digital TV are converging, giving marketers more opportunities to engage with consumers. Join DIRECTV Advertising and PMX Lift as they discuss the current state of Convergent TV along with the most common challenges, guidance and best practices for marketers when implementing a Convergent TV campaign. This session will answer the following: 

  • What are the current challenges of reaching audiences in a fragmented landscape? 
  • How may reach and frequency be imbalanced, and how can marketers mitigate over-investing in reaching the same group of viewers?
  • How are addressable ads a viable cross-screen solution for marketers?

Click here to download the presentation presented during the webinar. 

wednesDAY, may 25 | 2:00-2:30pm ET

how to best measure converged tv campaigns

WEBINAR: Mastering the Mix: Advertising in the Age of Converged TV

Viewer fragmentation – across time, platforms and devices – can be overwhelming for advertisers trying to reach their total TV audience. But in this age of converged TV, cross-platform measurement and data have opened the door to better ways of finding, reaching and impactfully engaging with audiences “where they are.” Today, advertisers, across categories, are solving for fragmentation by leveraging data and technology to get a unified view of both advertising and audiences. Join Innovid and Drizly's Peter Tardif as they share a marketer’s perspectives on measuring successful Convergent TV campaigns! We’ll answer the questions marketers and measurement companies most want to know:

  • How are ad delivery, creative personalization and measurement connected, and why is it important?
  • How can marketers achieve consistent metrics across all TV-enabled platforms regardless of how ads are delivered?
  • How is the cross-platform TV ecosystem need for more consistent metrics and greater transparency resulting in a shift towards multiple currencies? 
  • How are marketers thinking of budgeting synchronized linear and streaming plans in a Converged TV world? 

thursDAY, may 26 

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