Engaging Frequent Video Streamers Through Cinema
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Engaging Frequent Video Streamers Through Cinema

Frequent Video Streamers are more likely to be frequent movie goers and will be the first to head back to the theater

As movie theater restrictions loosen throughout the country, who will be the first to head back their local cinema? Frequent Video Streamers.

Who are they? Frequent Video Streamers are natural social beings and huge, even habitual movie goers who have always loved the in-theater viewing experience. As a matter of fact, the shared experience with friends and family was the most popular leisure activity among frequent video streamers pre-pandemic. So, you can imagine how excited they are for the long-awaited upcoming blockbuster releases as they will be first to head back to the theater.

How can you reach the Frequent Video Streamer?

  • Extend your reach by including cinema as part of a holistic video plan as these video-thirsty consumers welcome and love the cinema experience
    • Why? Frequent Video Streamers are 23% more likely to go to the movies at least once a month pre-pandemic
  • Engage video streamers by timing cinema activations with new movie releases throughout the year and not on summer or holiday weekends as they are also ‘first in line’
    • Why? 33% of Frequent Video Streamers go to see a movie within the first 2 weekends of release
  • Welcome these movie-goers by aligning your brand messaging with premium cinematic experiences to engage these streaming cinephiles in the comfort of their local theaters
    • Why? Frequent Video Streamers are 35% more likely to watch a 3D movie in a theater

This A Fresh Take On equips you with how you can successfully engage these audiences as they head back to the theaters.

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