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Establishing a Connection

How TV Builds Consumer Intent in the Telco Category

How are Telecommunications brands making an impression through TV advertising?

Verizon Wireless, Boost Mobile, AT&T and MetroPCS are just a few of the telecommunications brands investing hundreds of millions of dollars in TV annually while smaller telco brands are also spending to build their brand and customer base. 

We analyze 15 telecommunications brands and prove once again, the direct correlation between TV investment and consumer action throughout the purchasing funnel. You will see that brands that increase their TV impressions witness increased category share of voice along with quantifiable business outcomes from their TV investment as a result of consumer engagement and direct action taken.

In this attribution analysis, you’ll learn:

  • 80% of brands analyzed exhibited a direct correlation between TV impressions delivered and website traffic
  • On average, the brands with a definitive, positive correlation increased their TV impressions by +15% and saw their unique monthly visitors increase 21%   

These quantifiable business outcomes are seen across brands of all sizes regardless of investment level. To learn more about how TV builds consumer intent in the Telco category, download the full report below.

To see similar analyses across other categories such as direct-to-consumer, automotive, credit cards, bedding/mattresses and mobile apps, see here.

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We Analyzed 15 Television Brands Across TV Investment Levels

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