How Can I Drive In-Store Traffic with Streaming?
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How Can I Drive In-Store Traffic with Streaming?

2 case studies showing how brands drove in-store traffic using a streaming video ad campaign.

With nearly all American adults streaming in the last year, streaming video offers marketers a growing opportunity to create business-driving video ad campaigns.

However, with this rapid growth, many marketers have questions on how to best add streaming video into their campaigns.

To answer these frequently asked questions, we have collected case studies showing how brands have successfully used streaming to meet common business challenges.

In this piece, we answer the question "How can I drive in-store traffic with streaming?"

In each case study, you’ll see the brand’s business challenge, the specific solutions and platforms they employed, and the results that were delivered. Be inspired by brands who are using streaming video to achieve their business goals and learn how you can apply to your own buying strategies and plans.

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