Lessons for Advertising in a Recession
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Lessons for Advertising in a Recession

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Around the world, there is no escaping the talk of a looming recession, and marketers everywhere are facing pressures to reduce advertising costs.

However, research consistently shows – and experts continue to advise – that cutting ad spending comes at a high cost to brand health and long-term business results. 

With that in mind, The Global TV Group has compiled a collection of insights from international industry experts to help you navigate these uncertain times and to ensure that the brand decisions you make today set you up for success tomorrow. 

Get expert advice from Mark Ritson, the Harvard Business Review, Kantar, WARC, VAB, Byron Sharp, Peter Field and more. We hope you find plenty of value and inspiration in the collected research and invite you to spread the FOCUS ON widely. The slide deck is available to download via the button below.

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