VAB Quarterly Top 10 Round-Up
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2023 VAB Top 10 Round-Up

To help busy marketers stay up to date and prepare for the year ahead with the latest data, insights and analysis, we’ve gathered our quarterly Top 10’s - the most-read charts from 2023!

We’ve gathered the most talked about and most downloaded slides to inform your marketing strategies for 2024. Within the 4 pieces you'll find stats and analysis on how:

  • The cost of digital ad fraud impacts marketers today (ad fraud is projected to double by 2028 to $172 billion!)
  • Brands across all investment levels see significant lifts in business KPIs after their TV launch
  • TV is a catalyst for business growth by igniting revenue for brands during the launch year of their first TV campaign (1H of 2023 saw the highest NEW TV advertiser investment of $475M!)
  • The explosive growth in video streaming delivers scale and means more choices for marketers when developing their video ad campaigns
  • And more!

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