Our Top 10 Insights Charts of the 3rd Quarter
Insights: The VAB Top 10

Our Top 10 Insights Charts of the 3rd Quarter

VAB’s 10 most popular charts to keep you up to date on ad fraud, shoppable TV, audience-based buying, older adults and more!

The VAB Top 10 of Q3 2023

To help busy marketers stay up to date with the latest data, insights and analysis, we’ve gathered our 10 most-read charts of Q3 2023.

Among the stats and analysis, you’ll see how:

  • YouTube allegedly allowed for adult-targeted ads to be served on “Made for Kids” channels – To investigate the veracity of this analysis, VAB created our own campaign. See how with just $10 we were able to clearly confirm these results.
  • TV motivates young adults to act - Campaigns for younger-skewing brands drive engagement and online conversion
  • Adults 65+ are turning to FAST services - They have a discretionary spending advantage and are expanding the amount of content they have access to
  • Audience-based TV buying drives KPIs - Brands are using ABB to increase target audience reach and engage new customers
  • No budget is too small for TV - Brands across all investment levels see significant lifts in website traffic after their TV launch
  • And much more!

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