Unlocking Brand Growth with Audience-Based TV Buying | On-Demand Webinar
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Unlocking Brand Growth
with Audience-Based TV Buying

 July 18, 2023

An inside look at how marketers are using advanced targeting to drive business growth

Advanced targeting has grown significantly, with 4 in 10 marketers now saying that audience-based buying is a key part of their TV strategy. To learn more about how marketers are using and finding success with this approach, VAB, in partnership with Spectrum Reach, will share findings from a recent custom survey of over 200 marketers.

Join us as we explore how marketers are leveraging innovative TV strategies to unlock brand growth. This discussion will give you valuable insight into how your peers or prospective clients are implementing audience-based buying strategies.

In this webinar, you’ll learn answers to the following:

  • How is an uncertain economy impacting TV ad strategies?
  • What benefits are marketers reaping from audience buying?
  • How are they informing themselves on these buying strategies?
  • And how are they quantifying success and impact?
  • Session Speakers

    Jason Wiese

    SVP, Director of Strategic Insights

    Marci Cohen

    VP, Market Research and Insights

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