Five Fast Facts From Innovators Who Are Testing Audience-Based Buying
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Five Fast Facts From Innovators Who Are Testing Audience-Based Buying

Be inspired by marketers who are increasing their audience-based buying investments

According to a recent VAB custom study, marketers that are using audience-based TV buying are continuously finding  that this approach to buying media delivers business outcomes that align with their campaign objectives.

Adopting innovation can be difficult. However, marketers can learn from each other's experiences in embracing change. In this piece, we hear from marketers who are actively testing audience-based buying in their TV campaign, and you’ll learn what their strategies are, how they are educating themselves and what business success they are seeing.

In 5 clear charts, we explain:

  • The top benefits of audience-based buying in TV advertising, including greater ROI and ability to deliver business outcomes.
  • How audience-based buying allows marketers to better reach the right audience and deliver on key video campaign success metrics.
  • How marketers are moving from the ‘test’ phase to fully embracing an audience-based mindset as part of their buying strategy.

Learn why marketers are testing this approach, the value they are seeing, and how they’re integrating this approach into their future plans.

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