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4 Media Technology Trends For 2020: An Outlook Into Media Trends For The Year

VAB was in attendance at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and we witnessed firsthand how the biggest stories weren’t solely focused on the newest devices, but were driven by overall industry trends and the unseen technology powering innovations.

4 Media Technology Trends For 2020

1) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial Intelligence has been a perennial hit at CES, but this year it reached critical mass. It appeared as if nearly every booth on the show floor utilized AI in their own device, platform or technology.

  • New 8K TVs were introduced equipped with AI technology used to upscale lower resolution content (2K & 4K) to incredibly sharp and clean 8K. This TV AI upscaling allows content producers and distributors to create an 8K viewing experience with existing content and current bandwidth.
  • Smart home tech continues to develop new AI features. Samsung showcased their rolling Ballie robot butler, automating smart home functions such as instructing your Roomba to clean up spills and turning on and off lights as you move through rooms.

2) Data Privacy
The growing public concern into data privacy has led to government regulations that are helping to reign in the Wild West state of user data. Beyond the governmental bar-setting, marketers who utilize digital platforms must hold advertising mediums to higher standards for data privacy.

  • Brands are calling for stronger consumer data privacy: “A consumer should decide what data to give to get the benefits he or she wants to get.” – Susan Shook, Chief Privacy Officer of P&G.
  • Google Chrome announced they will phase out all third-party tracking cookies within the next two years.
  • Consumers are looking for brands and platforms that value privacy at their core.

3) 5th Generation Networks (5G)
After years of build-up and speculation around 5G, the rubber is starting to hit the road. Wireless carriers are now rolling out 5G networks in some markets making the conversation a reality.

  • The high-bandwidth networks will facilitate new ways for media platforms and brands to connect with users and consumers, from UHD streaming content to completely immersive augmented reality in real time.
  • Marketers should be prepared to reach and engage consumers across devices connected through 5G. 

 4) Streaming Services
With the streaming wars fully entrenched, new services have hit the market and more services are set to launch later this year. As media companies consolidate and their content libraries grow, consumers now have multiple choices of streaming services to watch their favorite content.

  • Marketers looking to engage with viewers and add incremental reach can leverage ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) platforms, which is projected to be a $20B segment by 2024.
  • Quibi made a splash at CES, showcasing their short-form mobile streaming service and enticing consumers with tailored short-form content.
  • NBCU’s upcoming streaming service, Peacock, will offer over 15,000 hours of library content with a hybrid model offering AVOD and subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) options.

CES continues to create buzz and excitement for the media industry. Many marketers will want to capitalize on emerging trends and technology allowing them to engage with consumers in new ways; however, platforms should always be tested and executed incrementally. All marketers should remember to maintain and practice core marketing principles for brand health and growth.

VAB's EVP Danielle DeLauro sat down with WarnerMedia & Xandr to discuss media technology trends for the "Collaborate to Connect" series filmed at CES

Danielle speaks about the importance of using new tech, data & services while also connecting with consumers on an emotional level to drive long-term branding effects. For more tips on understanding your audience & reinforcing brand awareness watch the view below.

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