Do The Right Thing
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Do The Right Thing

How Diversity and Inclusion Drives Brand Outcomes

The call within our industry is clear: Embracing diversity & inclusion must be an essential part of marketing strategy.

VAB has a strong legacy in attribution analysis, and in this guide, we turn our attention to the bottom-line benefits of campaigns that champion diversity; those that elevate authentic voices, promote empowerment and celebrate modern society. Marketers know the importance of this messaging, but what impact do those campaigns have in delivering brand KPIs? 

The 20+ case studies in this guide clearly illustrate the benefits of inclusivity. No matter what goals or KPIs you need to deliver, from awareness through to sales, there is a clear correlation between “doing the right thing” and business success. 

In this 12-minute read you’ll get:

  • Inspiration from the real-world case studies of over 20 brands – brands like P&G, Nike, Denny’s, Sam Adams, Target, Toyota, and Zola– how did they successfully implement D&I within their campaigns and go-to-market strategies?
    • Learn what messaging contributed to an 135% increase in Denny’s website traffic of Black adults.
    • Look at the ad campaigns that helped Toyota Rav4 to become the best-selling SUV in America with a 42% increase in annual U.S. unit sales over the last five years.

  • Clear metrics, such as attention scores, website traffic, sales and revenue, showing that ad campaigns with a core message of diversity and inclusion deliver stronger brand results throughout the purchasing funnel, from awareness to sales.

  • The 8 characteristics of a strong diverse and inclusive campaigns, such as Promoting Empowerment and Supporting Their Community, so you can better engage audiences.

For support, insights, and clear proof of the power of inclusive ad campaigns, download the guide below.

Brand metrics we analyzed for diversity and inclusion campaigns Providing an in-depth understanding on how media activity compares to business outcomes at each stage of the purchase funnel
Denny’s: The ‘See You At Denny’s’ diversity and inclusivity campaign Drove a triple-digit increase in website traffic among Black / African-American audiences

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