The Opportunities to Engage Adults 50+ in Streaming Video
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The Opportunities to Engage Adults 50+ in Streaming Video

Adults 50+ have become an increasingly viable audience for marketers to target through OTT

Adults over 50 years old are now streaming more than ever. By the end of 2020, 64% of adults 50+ owned a Smart TV, a 31% increase compared to the year prior.

Why is this the case? Older adults almost tripled their annual spending on technology throughout the COVID19 pandemic as  they sought to create better online experiences for themselves in their homes and quench their thirst for more entertainment options. 

This increase has not only transformed the way they view content, it has also translated to stark viewership growth, with 3 in 10 adults 50+ now streaming daily (now collectively spending more time streaming than adults 18-34!) and on multiple platforms. As more older adults continue to adopt new technology and stream their favorite shows, marketers that utilize an audience-first buying approach should feel confident incorporating the platform in their campaigns as people across all ages utilize both linear TV and streaming to  consume their favorite content.

Learn more about this growing ad opportunity and why it’s more important than ever to embrace an audience first buying approach in this A Fresh Take On.

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