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A Culture of Extremes: Exposing The Myths About Video Viewing Behavior

Have you heard these common statements and wondered if they were actually true? 

“Everyone is cutting the cord.”

“Everyone is spending more time on Facebook & YouTube than with TV.”

With all the complexity in video viewing, it’s no wonder clients and colleagues have questions on how consumers are watching video, on what screens, how much and when?

To help marketers cut through the noise, we expose 15 of the most commonly held myths about TV viewing. We debunk these myths and counter them with these credible real-world facts. These fact dispel deeply-seeded pervasive untruths throughout the industry.

Myth #4: “No one under 35 watches TV anymore.”

Reality: The average adult 18-34 spends nearly 2 hours a day watching TV, representing 50% of their total video time. (slide 13)

To equip yourself with the facts on video viewing behavior download the full A Culture of Extremes reference Guide below.

15 Myths Within Today's Video Environment
Adults 18-34 Spend Nearly Two Hours On TV Every Day
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