Laugh, Cry, Share, Buy
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Laugh, Cry, Share, Buy

NGL, Gen Z stans streaming. See how premium video gives them all the feels – much more than TikTok, Instagram, Snap and others – and why that means big business for advertisers.

Gen Z has all the feels for TV and Streaming shows…even more than they have while scrolling Insta, Snap, YouTube, TikTok and Facebook.

Here’s the tea…New research proves that Gen Z is far more emotionally engaged and invested in TV and streaming programming than in what they scroll on social. They are far more likely to carve out time to watch their favorite shows or be moved to laughter or tears. In fact, across all the product categories we asked about - like retail, CPG, apparel, travel and more - they were more inspired to purchase based upon what they watched on TV or streaming vs. their scroll on social.

NGL, we were skeptical at first, but as we talked to more Gen Zers, it was clear they have all the feels for new or “new to them” TV and streaming shows. See for yourself!

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