Unlocking the $4 Trillion Opportunity – Engaging Adults 50+
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Unlocking the $4 Trillion Opportunity – Engaging Adults 50+

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Immediate business growth lies within a consumer segment most brands are not targeting - Adults 50+

Adults over 50 represent nearly half the adult population and represent 4 out of every 10 dollars spent in the U.S. – nearly $4 trillion dollars a year!

But most marketers aren’t engaging them. The fact is, 78% of adults over 50 say that they feel their age group is underrepresented and misrepresented in advertising.

Why does it matter to you? 49% of them avoid brands that actively ignore their age group.

We’re providing quick and insightful answers to 4 of the most frequently asked marketer questions to help you understand the opportunity of this segment and the benefits of shifting from a demo-based to an audience-based buying approach.

  • FAQ #1: “I know the population is aging, but to what extent is it skewing to adults over 50?”
  • FAQ #2: “How will the aging of the linear TV audience impact my buying strategy?”
  • FAQ #3: “How lucrative are adults over 50 as a consumer group?”
  • FAQ #4: “Is marketing to adults over 50 relevant for only certain product categories?”

Select 'View Content' to download all 4 marketer FAQs or check out the full marketer’s guide, Audience Migration in Context, for more detail on the population shifts, implications for your buying strategy and the untapped consumer potential of adults over 50.

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