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The New Kids on the Block - 1st Half 2020

110 new TV advertisers spent over $450MM on National TV in the first half of 2020.

Did you know that 110 brands launched their first-ever national TV campaigns in the first half of 2020, spending over $450MM across 59 different categories even through the harsh conditions brought about by the pandemic?

Has the economic uncertainty inhibited new TV advertisers from spending? It hasn’t.

60 new advertisers across 41 categories including wine clubs, online dating, telemedicine and cleaning supplies, launched at the height of the pandemic, accounting for over $114 million in national TV spend.

Smart and savvy brands are increasing their advertising spend, creating an influx of opportunities to take the lead in their industry categories. Many of the brands that launched national TV campaigns for the first time were products and services relevant to consumers during the pandemic.

Here, we take a deep dive into the new TV advertisers. This analysis talks about the diversity of budget levels, brand life-stages, and categories, as well as the opportunities for growth. You’ll also learn:

  • Which brands launched during the pandemic?
  • What life-stage were brands in when they launched a national campaign?
  • When did the most spending occur and how much did each brand spend?
  • What DTC (direct-to-consumer) brands entered the marketplace?

These smart and savvy brands are increasing their share of voice in an effort to seize market share within their category and are taking full advantage of this opportunity to get ahead.

To see which brands are investing on TV and making industry headlines, download the report.

For members only: a one-page reference of new TV advertisers, category and spend.

Welcome to TV

Welcome to TV

The New Kids on the Block - 1st Half 2020

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