You Oughta Know - The Advertising Factors That Increase Awareness
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You Oughta Know - The Advertising Factors That Increase Awareness

Understand how advertising positively affects awareness and the additional “metrics that matter“ that explain the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns

Reach, frequency, GRPs and impressions are all common metrics in TV and video. These are often relied upon by advertisers in efforts to quantify “Awareness.”

However, does simply being exposed to an ad mean it resonated enough to make someone aware of your brand? 

Are there ad factors that will increase the likelihood of someone taking note ( becoming aware) of your brand or product? And are there better metrics than simply Reach % to quantify Awareness?

This guide will show you which advertising factors can increase awareness. It also shares the “metrics that matter” when proving to clients and stakeholders how well your campaign delivered on an Awareness KPI.

Looking to drive Consideration or Sales? See the related content below for the advertising factors and metrics that matter when developing campaigns and proving success against those KPIs.

For citations and to view the full release, You Oughta Know: Why All Impressions Aren’t Created Equal & What It Means for Video Measurement, download here

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