Brands In Crisis
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Brands In Crisis

Changing Perceptions Through TV Advertising

How do leading brands like Samsung and Facebook successfully navigate through a brand crisis?

With messaging that drives immediate scale in a premium, equity-building environment.

VAB has often written about the importance of brand-building, most comprehensively in our marketer’s guide, A Matter of Principle. Perhaps at no time is brand-building more critical than when a company is faced with a crisis or threat to its perception. Following a crisis, brands are desperate to quickly reestablish trust with consumers and reliant on marketing that will help change perception immediately, at scale, and within a premium branding environment.

Some of the world’s largest brands have experienced a crisis. These stories have been extensively covered in the press, however, for marketers, the richest learnings are found by taking a closer look at how a brand responded and the impact that it had on its business. For many of these brands, TV advertising was a key component to changing public opinion and rehabilitating their image.

Our unique analysis covers 6 major brands: Facebook, Uber, Samsung, Wells Fargo, Papa John’s and Chipotle that faced a public crisis. For each, you will learn:

  • An overview of each crisis
  • A detailed look at the brand’s response, from messaging to TV spend
  • The business impact of their collective $1.3B+ spend in response and branding TV

As a result of this thorough analysis we also offer insight to marketers in the 5 ways they can successfully navigate their brands through a crisis.

To learn how TV played a central role in changing the narrative for brands facing a crisis, download Brands in Crisis: Changing Perceptions Through TV Advertising Marketer’s Guide. 

Uber: National TV Spend (in thousands)
Wells Fargo: Total Deposits (Quarter End) (in billions)

Brands In Crisis

Brands In Crisis

Changing Perceptions Through TV Advertising

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