Direct Effect
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Direct Effect

Driving Intent For Emerging DTC Brands

TV is instrumental in driving consumer action and growing customer bases.

How do you drive hundreds of thousands of potential new customers to your brand’s digital platform?

We take a look at 50 new DTC TV advertisers and analyze how instrumental advertising on TV has been in driving consumer action and building customer bases. As we’ve seen in our other attribution reports, the effect that TV spend has on website traffic for advertisers is astounding.  

Within the analysis, we demonstrate the clear correlation between their TV ad spend and brand outcomes as measured by website traffic. 

These performance-driven, digitally-native brands such as Doordash, ButcherBox and Rothy’s show us that when it was time to go big, the scale and brand-building environment of TV was a huge catalyst to their exponential growth.

What you can learn from this attribution analysis:

1) How brands of all sizes and budget levels are entering the TV marketplace

  • Brands that spent less than $2MM saw, on average, a +31% increase in website traffic the month their TV campaign launched

2) What quantifiable business outcomes brands are seeing from their TV investment

  • The biggest TV investors we analyzed tripled their monthly unique visitors

3) How these successful outcomes are driving brands to not only re-invest in TV but increase their spend

  • On average, these brands increased their TV investment by 51% after their initial TV launch

For more real brand examples and a look at how TV ad spend ignited consumer action, download the report.

To hear more about this topic and other trends impacting the industry, check out our VAB INSPIRE: Virtual Learning Series here.

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