Proven Strategies & Tactics In Audience-Based TV Buying
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Proven Strategies & Tactics In Audience-Based TV Buying

Success Stories Highlighted Through Real-World Case Studies

See how brands like yours are adopting an audience-first mindset to grow their business.

Our industry is quickly evolving towards an audience-first buying approach. This is the practice of buying TV advertising based upon a specific, data-informed target audience instead of a standard demographic segment. Whether your brand is just dipping its toe in or has fully adopted this buying strategy, it’s always helpful to see how others are doing it successfully.

To help foster your success, we have collected 23 case studies across 16 different product categories with a variety of brand challenges and KPIs. You’ll also learn the 8 successful buying strategies common to these brands.

  • If you’re new to audience-based buying, you will find inspiration in these examples – see the challenges these brands faced, how they approached their buys and what the impact was.

  • If you’ve already adopted an audience-first approach, this equips you with additional attribution data proving and validating its business impact.

This piece, Proven Strategies & Tactics In Audience-Based TV Buying, as well as its supplement, cover categories such as auto, QSR, CPG, entertainment and healthcare. We look at common brand KPIs like incremental reach, website visits and in-store sales to show the impact of this approach.

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