Reaching ‘Corded’ and ‘Cordless’ Audiences Through Video Streaming
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Reaching ‘Corded’ and ‘Cordless’ Audiences Through Video Streaming

Learn how a streaming video component delivers incremental reach and viewer engagement and the nuanced viewing behaviors by ‘cord status’

Nearly every adult in the U.S. has watched streaming video at some point over the last year. As a result, streaming video offers marketers a tremendous incremental reach opportunity, as well as a highly engaged audience. But how do streaming behaviors vary among cord loyalists, cord shavers, cord cutters and cord nevers and how should that influence your buys? In this A Fresh Take, Reaching ‘Corded’ and ‘Cordless’ Audiences through Video Streaming, you’ll learn the nuanced behaviors of these groups, enabling you to more effectively reach and engage them with your streaming video campaigns. You’ll get clear answers to questions like:

  • To what extent is each group streaming video?
  • To what degree are they viewing ad-supported services vs. subscription-based ones?
  • How receptive are they to the ads in streaming content?
  • What types of programming are they most frequently watching?

Learn why a streaming component will deliver incremental reach and sharpen your campaigns by understanding how streaming behavior varies by ‘cord status.’

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