10 Acts of Attention By a Moviegoer
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10 Acts of Attention By a Moviegoer

Reel in audiences of blockbuster ad attentiveness

The magic unfolds long before the lights begin to dim. From that initial spark of interest to the buzz of opening weekend, discover the 10 acts of attention guiding moviegoers to the theater.

Whether it's watching trailers, coordinating movie plans with friends, or even driving an average of 12 miles to the theater, moviegoers are committed audiences that embark on an immersive journey to the big screen. In our report, you can find proof for how:

  • Movie trailers emerged as the most engaged ads in this year’s Super Bowl
  • People love to plan their social outings with friends and families around the cineplex
  • Cinema creates a unique window for heightened ad attentiveness

See why this journey to the cinema offers a golden opportunity for advertisers to connect with highly-attentive audiences. Our report outlines how to make movie magic work for you

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