2024 Marketing Success Strategies - #2: Demand Transparency
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2024 Marketing Success Strategies - #2: Demand Transparency

Learn why questioning your video ad partners is key to brand safety and business growth

We're empowering marketers with the insights needed to create more effective and impactful marketing strategies for the year ahead.

This 4-part series distills the current media trends, innovative marketing opportunities and the proven, winning investment strategies of brands into 4 important marketing success strategies for 2024.

The second success strategy is to Demand Transparency.

Why? Because one of the most important practices you can put in place to protect your brand and help achieve your campaign’s KPIs is to demand transparency and accountability from all your media partners.

Why is this important in 2024? With cases of digital ad fraud bringing brand safety issues into sharp focus, marketers can take a vigilant approach to combatting the opaqueness of ad-tech walled gardens by fostering open dialogue and demanding accountability to safeguard their brand reputation and campaign effectiveness.

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