Analyzing Outcomes From  The Tech Giants’ TV Investment
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Analyzing Outcomes From The Tech Giants’ TV Investment

How brands can apply these winning marketing strategies to common business challenges

Learn the winning marketing strategies of the ‘tech giants’ – these data-driven, outcomes-obsessed brands - and see how you can apply them to your own brand’s challenges.

The ‘Tech Giants,’ commonly referred to as the acronym GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft), have become nearly ubiquitous in society. This is especially true during the pandemic, as many offer goods or services that have taken on heightened importance and relevance to our everyday lives.

Despite their deep pockets and big names, in 2020 these brands had to overcome many of the same challenges other brands commonly face: threats to their SOV, competition from category challengers, need to support new product launches and the urgency to quickly pivot and meet a new set of consumer needs due to the pandemic.

Through 5 examples, you’ll see how these data-centric, outcomes-focused marketers approached business challenges and learn their formula for success.

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