Today’s Innovations in Measurement - Q2 2022
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Today’s Innovations in Measurement - Q2 2022

15 Real World Case Studies Across 10 Product Categories

Keeping you inspired to explore modern TV measurement solutions.

We understand that keeping up with the latest measurement innovations can be difficult. To help keep you informed and inspired to embrace modern measurement, we have developed the VAB Measurement Innovations Series. As you may have in seen in our Q1 piece, the focus of this series is on case studies - giving you real-world examples of how brands are successfully utilizing new ways of measuring their video campaigns to more effectively optimize and gauge success.

In this second release, we share a collection of 15 case studies across 10 product categories such as tech, beverages, beauty and healthcare that take you step-by-step through how brands implemented their measurement solutions. You’ll see how these brands were able to use measurement to gain learnings on many common metrics and objectives such as:

  • Brand perception
  • Awareness and ad recall
  • Likelihood to purchase
  • Target optimization
  • Frequency management
  • Incremental reach

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