It’s the Most Opportune Time of the Year
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It’s the Most Opportune Time of the Year

Why consumers’ holiday spirit triumphs over economic uncertainty

Holiday retail sales in the U.S. are projected to grow by 9% this year.

Why? Amidst deep concerns over economic uncertainty, why do over half of Americans say that even as prices rise, they are not going to stop buying what they want? 

While inflation is a top concern, many continue to look forward to the holiday season as a special occasion to celebrate with family and friends. This is particularly true this year, as consumers crave a return to normalcy. As such, they are opening their wallets to buy gifts and spend across holiday-related categories for social gatherings, despite economic uncertainties.

Sharpen your Q4 holiday campaign or prospecting strategies with these insights on:

  • Consumers’ spending plans this holiday season
  • The product categories that will see the most spend (and advertiser competition)
  • The consumer groups that are the most lucrative

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