Our Top 10 insights charts of the 3rd quarter
Insights: The VAB Top 10

Our Top 10 insights charts of the 3rd quarter

VAB’s 10 most popular charts to keep you up to date on trends, analysis and opportunities in video advertising.

The VAB Top 10 of Q3 2022

To help busy marketers stay up-to-date with the latest data, insights and analysis, we’ve gathered our 10 most-read charts in the third VAB Top 10 of 2022.

This quick read will equip you with the latest stats and analysis on a variety of topics, such as:

  • Marketing successfully during inflation – View the importance of rethinking creative with a focus on empathy and reassurance. 
  • How marketers use modern measurement to achieve KPIs  – Take a look at case studies that show how an entertainment brand and insurance brand saw increases in their KPIs after utilizing measurement solutions.
  • The scale of this summer’s box office releases – See how movies came roaring back this summer and how opening weekends compared to other popular activities.
  • Why multicultural representation is key – Learn how brands can foster greater engagement with diverse audiences through authentic characters and storylines.

Want more detail or analysis on anything you see? Simply click on the charts to access the Insights piece it is sourced from.

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