VAB INSPIRE: Summer 2020 Webinar Series
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VAB INSPIRE Summer 2020 Series 

The VAB INSPIRE virtual webinar learning series was created with one purpose: to inspire marketers with the data and insights needed to make more informed, more innovative and more impact planning decisions. On the heels of our popular VAB INSPIRE Spring series, we are bringing you a Summer INSPIRE 3-part series. 

Through this series, we answer your questions on important topics and trends impacting brand marketing and offer you actionable insights to sharpen your strategies. View the sessions below.

Session 1: Streaming Trends and Insights

VAB SVP, Research and Innovation, Kathy Grey and VAB Insights Manager, Leah Montner-Dixon shared insights on  the latest trends, behaviors and advertising opportunities in streaming video.

Session 2: Proving Impact with Political Attribution

VAB SVP, Director of Strategic Insights, Jason Wiese, shared insights on  the impact that share of spend has on achieving a result, in this case, an electoral victory - 85% of the most hotly contested races were won by the candidate with the highest share of spend.  

Session 3: Viewer Preferences for Live Sports

VAB SVP, Director of Integrated Strategy and Marketing, Marianne Vita and VAB Insights Manager, Reed Kiely shared insights on how viewers feel about watching live sports at home.  

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