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What’s the Deal with Viewership Data Collection?

Part 1 of a 5-part series that will provide you with clear and straightforward answers to the most asked questions about video measurement. Learn how recent innovations can help you to plan, buy and measure campaigns more effectively.

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MarketWatch: These Are the Top Streaming Trends Impacting Marketing Plans in 2023

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The marketing world offers more innovation and opportunities than ever before. VAB is here to help make sense of it all by simplifying the complex and discovering new insights to transform how you drive business growth.

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VAB saves you time by bringing you the latest data with actionable takeaways to inform your future marketing plans.

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What is?

What is TV?

The traditional notion of what TV is no longer applies. We share the modern, expanded definition of TV, rooted in how consumers define it.

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VAB provides you with fresh insights that inspire new ways of approaching your media strategies.

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Fast Facts

What’s the Spread? Understanding the Impact of Streaming Exclusivity on NFL Viewership

Data and analysis comparing the NFL viewership of streaming-only games vs. those on linear TV

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VAB provides innovative thinking to make a lasting impact on your brand’s growth.

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Marketer FAQ

How does audience-based TV buying drive results for my brand?

See how brands are successfully leveraging the targetability and personalization of audience-based buying to effectively and efficiently engage their best customer prospects.

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You have questions. We have answers.

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MarTech360 Interview With Sean Cunningham, VAB President and CEO

MarTech360 Interview With Sean Cunningham, VAB President and CEO

VAB President and CEO Sean Cunningham sits down with MarTech360 to share more about how VAB is working with industry partners to achieve more transparent, accurate and modern TV measurement.

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