6 Key Takeaways from Advertising Week New York
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6 Key Takeaways from Advertising Week New York

From all around the conference

6 key themes that consistently came up within panel discussions, during fireside chats and in hallway conversations.

We gathered with thousands in our industry at Advertising Week New York to talk about the important issues facing marketers. Check out the related VAB content to get you up to speed on terminology, trends, real-world examples and what this all means to you.

1. The Importance of Branding. A reminder to brands that the key to growth (in both the short and long term) is to balance equity-building with lower funnel performance activations.

Download A Matter of Principle for the 10 proven marketing principles that drive business growth and brand health.

2. Economic Uncertainty (and a Potential Recession) Will Require Marketers to Pivot Their Strategies. The economy will influence how marketers budget, how they engage consumers and which levers they prioritize.

Download Under Pressure to learn the 6 winning strategies marketers should employ to successfully weather an economic downturn.

3. The Rise of FASTs as an Advertising Opportunity. Free-Ad Supported TV is exploding and it offers advertisers a new way to reach and engage viewers.

Download The FAST and the Curious series to learn what FASTs are, which are the major platforms, who is watching and what the ad opportunities are.

4. Marketers Are Rethinking How They Measure Video Campaigns. The changed way we view video content (cross-screen, cross-platform) requires a more modern approach to measuring campaigns and quantifying their effectiveness.

Download Today’s Innovations in Measurement for real-world case studies showing how marketers are applying advanced measurement to quantify campaign success.

Content Preview! Download this excerpt from You Oughta Know (releasing on 11/2) for the 9 reasons why impressions shouldn’t be “tallied up” and how marketers should reimagine video campaign measurement in a cross-platform world.

5. Web3 Is Top of Mind as Companies and Brands are Building Plans for 2023 And Beyond. Brands are asking how Web3 can be a consumer engagement opportunity.

Download Untangling Terminology Within Web3, Metaverse, Blockchain & NFT for 9 pages of definitions, terminology and concepts to bring you up to speed on this emerging arena.

6. Being Authentically Inclusive of Genders, Ages, Cultures, and Abilities is Critical to Building a Brand and for the Social Good. 

Download Audience Migration and visit our Multicultural Marketing Resource Center to learn how to create more effective and engaging inclusive marketing strategie

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