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Multicultural Marketing Resource Center: As Always, we're here to help

VAB will always embrace equality and support efforts of diversity and inclusion. We are also committed to helping marketers create strategies and campaigns that engage multicultural audiences. 

This Resource Center was created to help marketers develop inclusive marketing strategies. The guides, reports, videos and infographics below offer education on the unique media consumption behaviors of Black, Hispanic and Asian consumers and provide marketers with tangible, actionable insights. As we escalate our commitment to increased inclusivity, this Resource Center will be continuously updated.

VAB Multicultural Marketing Analyses 

 Do the Right Thing: How Embracing Diversity and Inclusion in Campaigns Drives Brand Outcomes We embrace equality and are committed to supporting efforts of diversity and inclusion. Our new report demonstrates how embracing diversity and inclusion in advertising campaigns drives brand outcomes.

A Second Look: 10 Slides to Diversify Your Marketing Strategy We've compiled 10 must see charts from our Insights content that focus on examining the media behaviors of Black, Hispanic and Asian consumers, providing you with tangible, actionable insights and inspiration for embracing inclusivity.

Discover the Difference: How Culturally Relevant Video Drives Action By Multicultural Audiences  Did you know Black, Hispanic and Asian Americans will account for 40% of the U.S. population by 2023 and currently spend $2.2 Trillion annually? For an in-depth look at our study’s findings, download the full marketer’s guide or check out the highlights in our recap video.

Committed: Exploring Multicultural Viewers’ Passionate Relationship with TV Programming  Multicultural viewers are particularly passionate for TV content and have a deep connection to their favorite programs, characters and personalities. To learn about how these bonds foster engagement and attentiveness within these audience segments, download our report or view the infographic.

Bridging the Gap: Utilizing Addressable TV To Extend Hispanic-Targeted Reach Build credibility against Hispanic consumers and see how the precision targeting of Addressable TV can be utilized to deliver incremental reach, relevancy and personalization against Spanish-speaking Hispanics. To learn more about how to extend Hispanic targeted reach with Addressable TV, view our report

VAB Multicultural Marketing References

#Alone Together: Culture in the Time of COVID-19 In this custom analysis, we take the cultural pulse of the country to see what people are most talking about on Twitter. You'll learn how marketers can find and build connections to committed, engaged and attentive viewers. Learn more about how multicultural audiences in particular were highly engaged.

As Time Goes By: How Media Consumption Is Helping America Cope We dig into how the pandemic is impacting consumers and media behavior and explore opportunities around increased adoption of new technologies, devices and platforms. This custom analysis includes all demos across gender, race and ethnicity and will provide you with actionable insights to strengthen your brand.

The Best Seats in the House: A Custom Study Exploring Sports Fans’ Viewing Preferences  We conducted a custom research study of over 1,000 sports fans, ranging from casual to avid with additional analysis across age, gender, and ethnicity. Did you know multicultural sports fans are heavier sports TV viewers – 60% of Black fans and 58% Of Hispanic fans watch live sports at least every other day.

Left To Your Own Devices: Understanding Consumption in Today’s Connected World VAB’s quarterly report on media consumption and device segmentation that provides unique takeaways for marketers

Q1 '20: Provides early indicators of changed media consumption, the expanded value of the news genre among ‘work-from-home’ viewers and updated data on average media consumption across all demos.

Q4 '19: Offers unique and exciting updates to our quarterly analysis with recently released Q4 2019 data helping you stay up-to-date with consumption habits and device usage across major demographics.

Q3 '19: Connected devices give consumers a variety of ways to access video content anywhere and everywhere they are. See the break down by video segmentation, consumption and device usage in our analysis.

Q2 '19: As video viewing grows on devices beyond TV such as smartphone and connected devices, we highlight how ad-supported multiscreen TV brands are well-positioned to capture audiences across all demos and any screens. See our appendix section for a breakdown of major ethnicities’ device usage.

TV @ the Epicenter of American Society: Driving Commerce, Communal Experiences, Culture and Change TV’s ‘scale of voice’ can influence public policy while also changing people’s opinions and perceptions around hot button issues. Learn more about how TV brands permeate popular culture and affect societal change. View Volume I and Volume II and watch the recap video here

Start Your Engines: How TV Accelerates Automotive Buyers‘ Path to Purchase In this custom study of auto shoppers, we examine the influence of media channels through the consumer’s decision-making process. Among Blacks and Hispanics, TV has an even greater influence - almost double any other medium.

The Surround Sound of Cinema: Examining How Movies Permeate American Culture Our analysis dives into the reach of cinema and its ability to create cultural change. Our findings in this two-report series shines a light on the tremendous impact cinema has on our daily lives.

We are proud to work with our peers in the industry to bring change.

If you are looking for specific multicultural focused agencies, our multicultural marketing agency directory will help you identify those agencies by discipline and location. 

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