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New TV Advertisers

Karolina Guillen

What was one marketer’s challenge turned into an opportunity for many others

Video Streaming's Sea Change

Leah Montner-Dixon

59% of adults say they have been spending more time streaming video

How Can Marketers Leverage Current Streaming Behaviors?

Leah Montner-Dixon

Marketers are looking to capitalize on increases in streaming options

What Can Marketers Learn From What's Trending on Twitter?

Reed Kiely

To understand culture in the time of COVID-19, VAB conducted an analysis of Twitter’s top 10 trending topics

Our Commitment to Racial Equality

Sean Cunningham

VAB is committed to accelerating its ongoing efforts for racial equality  

The One Decision That Can Change the Fate of Brands

Sean Cunningham

How can a marketer be sure brand growth opportunities can be found in advertising continuity despite a pandemic combined with a recession?

Higher-Order Cheetos Ads? It's Very Smart Marketing

Sean Cunningham

Frito-Lay’s newest 60-second It’s About People multiscreen TV ad includes the coronavirus crisis relevant qualifier 

Our New COVID-19 Hierarchy of Needs: Food, Shelter and TV Video

Sean Cunningham

As Time Goes By provides a rare, representative look at the depth of the current relationship between U.S. consumers and their mission critical media

What Should Marketers Do? Question from Early COVID-19

Sean Cunningham

Since the March 11 declaration of COVID-19 as a pandemic, smart US marketers have been asking themselves “what do we do?”

For U.S. Marketers, One of Your Easiest Insights Options

Sean Cunningham

Marketers are all part of the universal morphing and adapting reality that has been thrust upon every individual

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