Local TV Webinar 5-part Series: Tips for Maximizing Local TV Advertising in 2020 and Beyond

There’s been a massive shift away from ratings and toward impressions and performance as the new currency. And this past year, the local TV ad industry has been a huge part of that change.

Listen to VAB and TVSquared discuss why local TV ad spend is increasing in this 5-part series.

In this series with TVSquared and VAB, you'll learn about:

  • Why local TV ad spend is increasing and what to expect in 2020
  • How DTC and auto brands leverage local TV as a performance channel
  • Emerging trends impacting advertisers across verticals, and how to take advantage of them to maximize local TV campaigns

Part 1: Down with Ratings ... Long Live Impressions + Performance!

Part 2: DTCs and the Untapped Opportunity of Local TV

Part 3: How Auto Drives Success With Local TV

Part 4: How Political Ad Spend Will Impact Local TV Spend in 2020

Part 5: The Need for Collaboration, Trust and Transparency

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