Televisionation: Weathering COVID-19

VAB’s Sean Cunningham on Helping Marketers Weather Covid-19 and Economic Downturn

We were pleased to speak with ITVT/TVOT on an episode of the "Televisionation” podcast exploring the advanced/interactive-TV industry in the coronavirus/Covid-19 era.

This episode features Sean Cunningham, VAB President & CEO, discussing how VAB is helping marketers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic downturn. Through our work, he explains the importance of advising marketers to embrace such developments as addressable TV and attribution, and more.

Reports referenced: 

As Time Goes By : How Media Consumption Is Helping America Cope                                                                         

 Keep Calm and Advertise On: How to Successfully Navigate Your Brand Through an  Economic Downturn 

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