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Audience-based buying is the evolution from buying TV campaigns based on demographics, like age & gender, to buying based on consumer behaviors, such as on their interests, lifestyle, or purchase behaviors. Why are advertisers shifting to buying on audience? It can unlock billions in revenue.

Below you’ll find the data, analysis and insights to help reimagine how you plan, buy, measure or sell multiscreen TV campaigns.

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What is Audience-Based Buying?

Simply put, audience-based buying is the switch from buying your TV campaigns on a demographic target audience (e.g. Adults 25-54 or Women 25-49) in favor of buying an audience. These audiences can be defined by lifestage (e.g. new parents), lifestyle traits (e.g. frequent travelers), or purchase behaviors (e.g. luxury car buyers). This is enabled by advances in data, technology and measurement.

Why is adopting audience-based buying so important for marketers now?

Great advancements in data targeting have enabled an audience-first TV buying approach, but why is the shift to audience-first buying so important for marketers now? Consider that nearly half the adult population is over 50. As a result, the median age of the linear TV viewer is 56. Adults over 50 represent 4 out of every 10 dollars spent – a lucrative buying group that can be tapped into by not capping a campaign at 49 or 54, but instead embracing a total audience buying strategy.

How are brands using audience-based buying and integrating it into their marketing plans?

We were curious how marketers are using audience-based buying – what are their strategies? how they are budgeting for it? how they are changing their infrastructure to set their organizations up for buying success? And so we asked them. Get an insider’s look at your peers’ buying strategies and success stories.

How are brands seeing success and driving business growth with their audience-based TV campaigns?

An audience-first buying approach is proven to drive a variety of business outcomes at all stages of the purchase funnel, from awareness down to website visits, in-store foot traffic and sales. Learn how brands have successfully implemented this approach to inform your own buying strategies.

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